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Stop! Take 5 minutes and start reading instantly about The Top 5 amazing waterfalls in Coorg (Kodagu) with accurate information – Best tourists attractions to explore and enjoy with friends and family

The mesmerizing Kodagu (Coorg) is a heavenly place gifted by nature. Tourists are awed by the natural beauty of Coorg. Its lush green forests, aromatic spice and plantations, and emerald hills adorned its name with the Scotland of India.

Here we’ve listed down the top 5 best waterfalls according to their popularity where tourists can discover tranquility and rejuvenation.

There are also many best budget resorts in Coorg and Madikeri where you can book your luxury stay online and offline and make your vacations memorable.

Most probably the best hotel or the resort in Coorg itself will guide you through your journey to explore the breathtaking locations around. So if you haven’t booked your best homestay in Coorg(Madikeri). 

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls at Coorg Near Resort Mishti valley cottages

The most popular waterfall in the Western ghats in Coorg is the Abbey Falls. With all the greenery around and the splashing water gushing down is a perfect retreat for visitors. This place is no less than a paradise. People from around the country visit here to see its breathtaking beauty and picturesque surroundings. For photography lovers and adventurists, this place is most sought. Water falling from the height of 70 ft. looks amusing.

Distance: 8 km from Madikeri

Timings: 9:00 am – 6: 00 pm (throughout the week)

Best months to visit: July and October

Fees: INR 15

Things to take care of before reaching Abbey Falls :

  1. No Bathing allowed.

  2. Wear proper clothing to protect your body as it is mostly a forest area.

  3. Cannot stay after 5 pm.

  4. 15-20 minutes hike.

  5. Look for the weather forecast before visiting.

Iruppu Falls

Coorg-Iruppu Falls

This resplendent waterfall is a paragon of waterfalls in Coorg because of its sheer beauty. This popular sightseeing spot in the Western Ghats is located in the Brahmagiri range in Coorg of Western Karnataka. Also a popular trekking site for trek lovers. Its tributary river is Cauvery and is also known by the name Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. You can immerse yourself in the cold waters at the foot of Irupu Falls. As this place is connected to the mythological story of Ramayana, therefore, it is a holy place and you can see many pilgrims here.

Distance: 50 km from Madikeri

Timings: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fees: INR 50

Best months to visit: August to January

Things to take care of before reaching Iruppu Falls :

  1. Respect it, as it is a sacred place among Hindus.

  2. Heavy downpours of the rain during the monsoon make the Cauvery river turmoil,so stay safe.

  3. Wear protected good-quality shoes to avoid slipping when hiking the slippery trail.

  4. Bring your food as there are no restaurants around the area.

  5. Keep your ID proof to show in case required by government officials.

Mallalli Falls

Mallalli Falls near Mishti valley Cottages

Mallalli Falls is the iconic site that lies in Somvarpet in the northern region of Karnataka. In the Coorg district, these waterfalls abode in the foothills of the Pushpagiri range. This Milky white cascading fall is an excellent location for most travelers. Verdant greenery, picturesque surroundings, and incomparable waterfall. You would be marveled by the beauty of Mallalli Waterfall. You can discover uncountable trodden paths for trekking here. Come and soak in the amazing natural beauty of Coorg at Mallalli Falls.

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Distance: 57-58 km from Madikeri Bus Stand

Best season to visit: Monsoon

Fees: Free entry

Things to take care of before reaching Mallalli Falls

  1. Wear sturdy shoes to protect your feet.

  2. Keep suncream, lip balm, and other protective lubricants to safeguard your skin.

  3. Keep spare clothes, raincoats, and other travel gear.

  4. Keep a compact first-aid kit with you in case of any injury.

  5. There are no food stalls around so bring your food.

Burude Falls

Best Waterfall in coorg

This majestic waterfall is located near kyadgi. The melody of the falling waters is pleasant to the ears. It is the best spot for picnic and trek lovers. You need to trek through a creek to reach the waterfalls. You can gaze at this breathtaking waterfall falling from the height of 90 feet which looks stunning. The route to Berude falls is filled with dense forest so expert drivers can take you through it. The river flows in 5 steps because of which gallons of water plummeting down give you an awesome experience.

Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Distance: 55+ km away from Sirsi and 21 km away from Siddapur

Fees: No fee it’s Free

Best season to visit: After winter and just before Summer

Things to take care of before reaching Burude Falls

1.Avoid visiting Burude waterfall in monsoon as it becomes difficult to enter here.

2. Keep a pair of warm clothes with you.

3.Wear full sleeve clothing to protect yourself from leeches.

4. Wear sturdy, good-quality shoes as the trekking route is a bit long.

5. Bring your food items along.

Devaragundi Falls

Best Place at Coorg

Add this pristine captivating waterfall to your travel itinerary. Located in Coorg (Madikeri), this waterfall is also known by the name God’s Pool. The source stream of this waterfall is Thodikana. This is one of the overlooked locations in Coorg but brings worthwhile experience upon reaching. Water falling from the height of 70 ft. It is situated near the Mallikarjuna temple in Thodikana.

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Distance: 43 km approx from Coorg Bus Stand.

Fees: No fee, It’s Free

Best Time to visit: August to December

Things to take care of before reaching Devaragundi Falls

  1. Wear sturdy boots as the area is slippery.

  2. Carry extra clothing and towels to keep yourself dry.

  3. Take the dip in the water safely as the depth is unknown.

  4. Bring your food, water, snacks, etc.

  5. 30 min hike involved, cars cannot reach here.

Have you visited any of these waterfalls? Which Waterfall you’ve liked the most?

Do share your experience in the comment section.

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Best Resort For Couples in Coorg

Make your Honeymoon special with your spouse instantly at the Best Luxury Resort for Romance in Coorg (Madikeri). Book Before this new offer ends!

Mishti Valley Cottages nestled in the sweet serenity of Coorg (Madikeri). Get along with your spouse to have a perfect romantic getaway. Coorg- the Best Place for Couples. Your intimate romance begins here, amidst nature bounty. Get cozy in the beautifully designed cottages and marvel at the breathtaking natural sights.

Coorg (Madikeri) is a phenomenal hill station in Karnataka that is ideal for many tourists. A hidden gem that has a lot to explore. Pleasant weather, picturesque scenery, and astounding locations are enough to steal your heart away.

Wander in the exotic locations of Coorg, perfect for a romantic break. Delight with high-quality coffee, a specialty of Coorg. The Coorg is filled with the aroma of coffee everywhere as you can witness abundant coffee plantations on your road trip.

For this reason, Coorg is the biggest exporter of coffee in India.

Welcome to Mishti Valley Cottages – Sprinkle the love vibes at the Best resort for couples in Coorg

A luxurious retreat for the two. Relax and unwind in the simple yet elegant built wooden cottages. Step in to experience the warmth, comfort, and privacy. All your requirements are taken care of well by the staff.

There is plenty of free space for the parking of your vehicle safely. You can also opt for our Taxi services for pick and drop. Thus reaching us won’t be a problem anymore.

You’ll find scrumptious foods at the restaurant of the resort. Our expert chefs delivering delicious multi-cuisines to the guests. You must try Kodagu dishes here which have a distinct taste.

Take a dip in the private swimming pool and have a glass of your favorite fizz in these tranquil countryside cottages. Yes, your imagination comes true to have lovely honeymoon memories at the most amazing destination of India.

Moreover, you’ll get 42′ inches LED in your sumptuous bedroom wherein you can stream your favorite shows and access free high-speed wi-fi for an impeccable stay.

Did we mention the Bonfire? Spend your private time beside the Bonfire and immerse yourself in the love with your partner.

Apart from it, guests who want to capture the scenic sights of Coorg can go hiking and trekking at different captivating locations of Coorg.

Beyond that you cannot overlook some amazing popular attractions nearby like Raja’s seat, Abbey falls, Omkareshwara Temple, Dubare Elephant Reserve, and much more.

So, why not forget the rest of the world and discover the love in the air in this beautiful valley of Coorg.

If you have any other questions, you can inquire to us on call or WhatsApp or mail us anytime.

Book your stay with us for the best romantic retreat.

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Are you having cold feet to start your journey as a solo traveller? Beat the Fear! Discover these simple secrets: 5 powerful solo traveller benefits that can make you invincible instantly

Travelers with an adventurous spirit prefer to embark on their journey as solo travelers. It’s a fun and exciting feeling and adds meaning to life. It is an advent of a whole new phase of life and exhibits the real spirit in an individual traveling on his own.

Would you also like to explore your favourite destinations but feel hesitant to do so?

Hopefully, these 5 positive points or 5 benefits of solo travelers are going to help you encourage and stimulate adrenaline to step up for the daring decision of your life.

1. Your choice

The act to choose without any restrictions and complaints. You choose whatever you want to do. Who is watching you for taking a weird decision? Who is with you to judge? You are all alone, so why care to nurture a bogus image for others. Your choice, your life!

2. Limited Budget

When you are all alone, you are in total control of your expenses. Remember that you are spending every penny on yourself and also do not regret losing the money. You eat, you live and you spend. So no repent !. You have the flexibility to control your expenses the way you want.

3.Get to know yourself

Due to the hectic schedules of the job or business and the chaos of the city, you have completely forgotten yourself. This type of mundane routine works like anesthesia for most, and these people don’t live their life wholeheartedly. So as a solo traveler you get the opportunity to come out of your cubicle and encounter the real character that resides within you.

4. The brain functions better

When you are all alone, your mind gets the signals that you have nobody, so this activates the brain, increases awareness, and trains the mind to do the impossible. Your decision-making ability improves considerably. With faster decision making you are no longer dependent on others where to go, what to do, or how to come out from a complicated situation? So the ball is in your court for the right and wrong decisions.

5. Empowered Individual – complete transformation

As a solo traveler, you not only trim yourself but also gain leadership qualities. Overall you become an empowered individual who is ready to venture on anything with confidence, wisdom, and strength. You are no longer enslaved in a cubicle of your office or the boundaries of your house. You are the one who can step up and take the decision of your life with full clarity.


Solo traveling has deeper benefits which can make the person get out of his comfort zone. It’s experimentation to do the dare. And once you have done it, you’re no longer afraid or lazy. I recommend to everyone who is suffocating from the monotonous life, take a leap and faith in yourself to set out as a solo traveler once in their life!!!

How solo traveling transformed you into a better individual? Please comment, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’ve liked the article please share.

All the Best. Enjoy your journey! ❤️

Mishti Valley Cottages-Best Homestay in Coorg

Welcome to the Scotland of India Coorg. Inspired by Mishti Valley Cottages’ encompassing scene, it was intended to make your visit a one-of-a-kind, agreeable, and fun experience, really the best homestay in Madikeri. Our rooms are extensive, our admissions are serious, and the help is unmatched.

Our group realizes that voyaging can be debilitating and will put forth a valiant effort to make your visit agreeable and fulfilling through our pick and drop administration from your area. Take a gander at our site to discover more about our rooms, food, conveniences, and connect if there’s whatever else we can assist you with. We anticipate inviting you soon!

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